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What is Polysaccharides/β-glucan?

nPolysaccharides are the macromolecules thatconsist of carbohydrates. The molecular weight is up to hundreds of thousand, even to million.
nThe macromolecules formed by Glucose are called “Glucan”.

About β-glucan
nVarious kinds of β-glucan are from different plants, including mushrooms, vegetables, fruit, herbs, etc.
nβ-glucan is a natural substance that cannot besynthesized by chemical or artificial method; besides, it’s a health supplement that proved to be safe andbeneficial to human body.
nAccording to the literature published and research confirmed, only β-Glucan from fungus and mushroom (the special form of chemical bond, “β-1,3” and “β-1,6”) have the benefits of strengthening cell functions, improving immune system, etc.  

β-Glucan Functional Drink Series-----Efficacy

üPromote body metabolism

ü Clean free radicals

ü Control the tumor

ü Dissolve the thrombus

ü Lower cholesterol/blood sugar

ü Regulate blood pressure

ü Resist aging

ü Anti-inflammation

ü Keep liver healthy and neutralize theeffect of alcohol

※β-Glucan helps activate macrophages

nThe macrophages must pass through the activation stage in order to achieve the efficacy of defense. The activation process includes changing form of macrophages, and above all, increasing production of the special substances, such as IL-1 and IL-2 (Cytokines).
nAccording to the research of Harvard University, there are several β-Glucan receptors on macrophages in human body. The combination between these receptors and β-Glucan is able to stimulate the cell activation.

※Dr. Myra Patchen discovered that β-Glucan is a free radical scavenger

Recent researches have shown that free radical is one of the main reasons that cause diseases. β-Glucan is able to protect macrophages from invasion of free radicals, and promote the normal functions of human cells.

β-Glucan has the function of detoxification

The researches showed that free radicals can be removed by β-Glucan; and further, scientists have discovered that β-Glucan also has the function of detoxification, protecting human cells from the damage of various bad substances, and particularly having the effect of neutralizing the alcohol.

β-Glucan is an effective oral accelerant of immunity

nThe research conducted by Dr. Phil Wydein Baylor College of Medicine showed that taking β-Glucan orally can effectively stimulate the nonspecific immune functions in human body, which doubles the ability of devouring the pathogeny.
nTaking β-Glucan orally has the same effectiveness as β-Glucan injections, making β-Glucan an excellent prevalent and widely accepted oral accelerant of immunity. 
☆ The result of research helps the application of taking Glucan orally make a big step forward.

β-Glucan can suppress the occurrence of complications during the period of cancers

        A series of experiments indicated:

1.By taking β-Glucan, women who suffered from the breast cancers quickly recovered from the surgery, and also helped reduce the pain of wounds.
2.β-Glucan was used to treat patients with tumors, and proved the excellent effect in New Orleans Charity Hospital. -----There was no complication appeared during the treatment.
3.In 1985, doctors in USA used β-Glucan to treat patients of AIDS,and found that IL-1 and IL-2 cytokines in takers significantly increased. As a result, the death rate of patients significantly decreased, while the survival rate relatively increased.
4.After patients suffering from the severe trauma ingested β-Glucan, the probability of infecting bacteria can be reduced. Ten years ago in Europe, β-Glucan was legally offered to the patients who are recovering from cancers, and proved to have a good effect.

β-Glucan can enhance the efficacy of antibiotics, and reduce the usage of them

nA number of studies indicated that the efficacy of antibiotics will be doubled when combining the use of β-Glucan at the same time. The reason is that β-Glucan can improve the immunity of human body.

nThe usage of antibiotics on patients will be reduced because of the usage of β-Glucan; that is to say, to reduce the harm caused by drugs in the meanwhile.

β-Glucan can prevent the side effects caused by radiation therapy

The study conducted by the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute showed that β-Glucan has the function of anti-radiation. During the experiment, the mice were given the lethal doses of radiation, and 70% of them survived due to ingesting β-Glucan.

β-Glucan can neutralize the alcohol, and reduce the discomfort caused by hangover

nβ-Glucan can accelerate the decomposition of alcohol in the liver, and make the alcohol molecules get rid of hydrogen; eventually, alcohol will be changed into the form of water, and discharged out of the body.
nMacromolecular β-Glucan will stay in the stomach for a long period; after entering stomach, alcohol will be adsorbed by β-Glucan or absorbed by stomach.
nAlcohol flowing from blood through the liver will be decomposed by enzyme in the liver. Furthermore, if the activation of immune cells is promoted, the damage of alcohol can be reduced to the minimum.