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Professional R&D team

Principle of formula design:  Golden ratio, effective dose

Primary principle of R&D:  Safety>Effectiveness


Our company specializes in OEM/ODM/OBM of health food. We have professional research team, value the safety of products, and we also cooperate with world-famous companies worldwide. As for customer service, we establish one-stop service with extensive experience in this field, quality products, and Omni-directional professional service.

Taiwan’s Biggest Professional Manufacturer that Specializes in Fermentation & Extraction.

-Have a lot of experiences in fermentation and extraction for about 30 years
-Own the biggest capacity that can fulfill the market’s need
-Customer-oriented: ODM/OEM/OBM
-Trusted bulk material supplier

 (Food, Health Food, Feed Additive and Fertilizer)

- Multiple customized health-care products
- Serious and sincere attitude to every customer
- Qualified products to satisfy customers’ needs

Use biotechnology fermentation to extract precious mushrooms

Oishi High-Effect Beta-glucan Drink

-Highly concentrated Beta-glucan 

Cordyceps sinensis Beta-Glucan Drink

-Higher polysaccharides

-Higher Adenosine

-SFDA approved, official substitute for Cordyceps sinensis

Lycium Barbarum Extract Drink(Bright Vision Drink)

Many doctors highly recommend!!!

The most common eye care food is WOLFBERRY!!!

Wolfberry includes:

-Content of Vitamin C > Liu Ding

-Content of Beta-carotene > carrot

-Content of Iron > steak

Beta-Glucan Enzyme Soap

4 functions:

-Deeply cleansing

-Makeup removal

-Gentle exfoliation of dead skin cells


5 Advantages:

-Time-saving:  Wash your face, remove makeup, exfoliate, whiten at the same time.

-Economical: More affordable than a set of skin-care products.

-Convenient: Easy to travel with. There is no need to carry bottles of different functions that you need to use on your face.

-Natural: Environmentally friendly.

-Healthy: Regain healthy skin with natural skin-care soap.