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Company Profile

Ever Serve Nano Bio-Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology alliance between Taiwanese, American and Japanese biotechnology leaders, insisting on a solid operational philosophy and firmly believing in fundamental value.

Since the date of incorporation, Ever Serve has devoted all our efforts to R & D and perfection of manufacturing processes. Our ultimate goal is to offer a wide range of products that meet all our customers’ needs and achieve outstanding business growth. Today, with the advanced technology and long-term commitments, we are developing with record breaking pace toward the international market.

We put our target to become one of the world-class suppliers of Nano-biotechnological products. We will, as we were in the past, follow the advancement of technologies closely and dedicate all our efforts to improving health and beauty of human race. Our research emphasizes on natural fermentation techniques, edible mushroom with therapeutic effect, animal and vegetable extracts as raw material and related product development and promotion. We own superior production facilities and R & D Team of fruit based on enzyme and mushroom polysaccharides, which are supplied both as raw materials and as packaged products. We insist on our responsibility and commitments to our customers for 100% products and quality service. Based on our expertise and past success, Ever Serve hopes to develop pragmatically from ground up to a leading brand in the market of health food, cosmetic and skin-care products.

Company History

In 1989

Song Yien Enzyme Corporation was founded. We company set up a fruit enzyme manufacturer in Philippines with a Japanese R & D team, starting up R & D and promoting fruit enzyme business. In early stage, Song Yien emphasized on the markets in Japan and Philippines, and developed the market in Taiwan for future prospects of launching fruit enzyme products.

In 1996

Tian Yi Gko Corporation was founded. We company began researching and developing biotechnology for fruit enzyme, and promoting life enzyme series products. Tian Yi Gko Corporation is a high-growth company. The key to success is that the efficacy and quality of our products are highly recognized in the market. Also, our company keeps stable relationships with our customers. At the same time, we company develop skin-care series products which include active enzyme soaps and facial masks. The competitive advantages of the quality and efficacy are due to the continuous innovation, effort and research. With full support from our customers, we company had built a strong partnership with distributors and the R & D team for 8 years.

In 1999

The first and the only food additives permit of liquid enzyme product was certified by Ministry of Health and Welfare.

In 2000

We company established polysaccharides factory with R&D team of Ph.D., and started to develop and promote series products of polysaccharides, including Antrodia cinnamomea, Coriolus versicolorAgaricus blazei Murill, Cordyceps sinensisGanodermaPhellinus linteus and Inonotus Obliquus (Chaga mushroom).

In 2003

Ever Serve Nano-biotechnology Co., Ltd. was founded. We dedicated to developing the raw materials of health food products, such as Nattokinase, Red yeast rice and Lactic Acid Bacteria.

In 2005

Applied enzyme, polysaccharides and novel triple-coating technology of lactic acid bacteria to agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture. In addition, we started developing overseas markets in the same year.

To agriculture, it can lower insect pests, reduce the usage of pesticides and improve the quality of soil. To animal husbandry, it can reduce the usage of animal drugs and antibiotic, and raise the utilization rate of animal feed. To aquaculture, it helps reduce the infection rate of diseases, and increase the breeding rate.

In 2006

Cooperated with National Pingtung University, and succeed on applying mushroom polysaccharides to pet food, which had a great impact on the immune function of cows and pigs, the yield on milk, and their growth efficiency.

In 2008

◎Cooperated with Department of Food and Nutrition, Providence University, and researched that bromelain can restrain the concentration of ethanol in blood from rising after drinking, and internally enhance the activity of thrombolytic enzyme.

◎Cooperated with Tajen University and Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology, accomplished the research that lactic acid bacteria modulates the cytokines secreted from T helper cells.

In 2009

Cooperated with Tajen University, Chung Hwa University of Medical Technology, and Chest Hospital, Ministry of Health and Welfare. We four researched that bromelain helps regulate cytokines and have the function of anti-inflammation.

In 2014

◎Cooperated with Providence University, and researched that Phellinus linteus mycelia can prevent ocular lesions of diabetic rats.

◎Proved by Taichung Veterans General Hospital, Nattokinase can lower the cholesterol index of hamsters.

In 2015

◎The products of Nattokinase, Antrodia cinnamome and Phellinus linteus have become doctor’s prescription in Taiwan central hospital.

◎Cooperated with Food and Nutrition Department, Providence University, and researched that product Oishi, a high concentration β-glucan drink, has the effect of anti-fatigue.






★Health food ODM/OEM/OBM expert you can trust

Principle of formula design: golden ratio, effective dose

Primary principle of R&D: Safety>Effectiveness

Many safety tests proved by the third party certification agency

★Free of chemicals/No extra additives: 

Western medicine/Preservatives/Heavy metals/Plasticizer/Pesticide residual test