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|Food SupplementProfessional ODM/OEM 






Taiwan’s Biggest Professional Manufacturer that Specializes in Fermentation & Extraction.

-Have a lot of experiences in fermentation and extraction for about 30 years
-Own the biggest capacity that can fulfill the market’s need
-Customer-oriented: ODM/OEM/OBM
-Trusted bulk material supplier

 (Food, Health Food, Feed Additive and Fertilizer)

Professional R&D and Doctor team

Based on the technologies and theories developed by the Q10 project, we have devoted to research and development on the important elements of health and autoimmunity of human body. We have engaged in R & D on enzyme-based and polysaccharide-based health food, cosmetic and skin care products. It has launched enzyme/polysaccharide capsules, functional beverages, activated soaps, facial masks, wrinkles-preventing, acne-blemishes controlling, and basic skin-care products.

Base on the results of fundamental researches of microbial and strain culture techniques along with biotechnological fermentation processes, it will further direct research efforts in genetic modification of strains and improvement of the production processes, such as fermenting, recycling and purifying. 

On the part of health food from mushrooms, it has launched Antrodia camphorate, Cordyceps sinenisis, Agaricus blazei, Hericium erinaceus, Red yeast, Coriolus versicolor, Ganoderma lucidum, Grifola frondosa, Armillaria mellea, Morchella conica pers, NattoKinase, etc. On the part of plant extracted concentrates, it has launched in series isoflavone, lycopene, grape seeds, kidney bean, green tea, wild yam extract, eleutherococcus senticosus extract, rhodiola, gynostemma pentaphyllum.

We company have been pursuing a win-win resolution with its customers. In the case of supply of raw materials for functional food, the emphases are put on the quality of products, cost effectiveness and added value. In addition to product quality, production process control has been strongly focused on. We continue improving testing methods to sift out the best clones and better monitor the production processes. The products have undergone tests in augmented production scale to simulate the actual process to ensure stability of quality.



*獲得美國 FDA 認證

*ISO22000 與 HACCP 國際品質雙認證

*安全性經 SGS、TAF、TUV 等國際公證單位檢驗合格







★Health food ODM/OEM/OBM expert you can trust

Principle of formula design: golden ratio, effective dose

Primary principle of R&D: Safety>Effectiveness

Many safety tests proved by the third party certification agency

★Free of chemicals/No extra additives: 

Western medicine/Preservatives/Heavy metals/Plasticizer/Pesticide residual test