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Women Care

1. Beauty Care

Modern women wear more than one hat! They need to work, and they have to take care of the whole family when off-duty. Remember to make yourself have good complexion even though you are busy!

Ingredient reference: Collagen, resveratrol, Glutathione, Q10, vitamin C, etc.

Dosage option: powder, capsule, tablet, liquid, etc.


2. Slender and Fit

As an old saying goes, “A white complexion is powerful enough to hide seven faults.” Maintain good body shape can increase your confidence and charm. Most important of all, you can stay health.

Ingredient reference: Garcinia Cambogia, green coffee extract, fruit & vegetable enzyme powder, enzyme, white kidney bean, etc.

Dosage option: powder, capsule, tablet, liquid, etc.


3. Private Care

Females generally focus on the skincare, but they often ignore that their private part should be taken care as well. The weather in Taiwan is muggy, and it easily makes your private part infected and have offensive odor. Especially for women in service industry who are unable to relieve themselves at any time, it is more likely to cause urinary tract infection.

Ingredient reference: GFU3, cranberry extract, postbiotics, etc.

Dosage option: powder, capsule, tablet, liquid, etc.


4. Aging Care

Females often come with insomnia, night sweat, hot flash and other symptoms while at the period of menopause or before menopause. When taking care of family, it is also important for females to take good care of yourselves!

Ingredient reference: Soy Isoflavone, wild yam, red clover, Pomegranate extract, etc.

Dosage option: powder, capsule, tablet, etc.