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|Our Story 


In 1986, Dr. Kamekawa along with his microbiological research team, including Doctors from Japan, USA, and Philippines, participated in the Q10 research in the USA. They published the research paper in American heart journal, No.56.

In 1992, masterly using the result of microbiological research, the team developed the natural fertilizers to advance the water quality and remove the pollution. Finally, barren lands in Philippines had been improved and returned to its original appearance.

Afterward, Dr. Kamekawa successfully developed natural fruit enzyme that human can drink, and devoted himself to the study of “Agaricus subrufescens”. Then, mushroom polysaccharides(β-glucan) had been successfully developed at that time.

★Health food ODM/OEM/OBM expert you can trust

Principle of formula design: golden ratio, effective dose

Primary principle of R&D: Safety>Effectiveness

Many safety tests proved by the third party certification agency

★Free of chemicals/No extra additives: 

Western medicine/Preservatives/Heavy metals/Plasticizer/Pesticide residual test