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Adolescence Care

1. Bright and Clear

With the development of modern technology, people deal with various kinds of things with computers and mobile phones more often than before. When overusing your eyes, you feel tired and swollen. This is the time you need to take a rest and have some supplements.

Ingredient reference: Blackcurrant, Mulberry, Wolfberry extract, Chrysanthemum, etc.

Dosage option: powder, capsule, tablet, foam tablet, aluminum bag, etc.


2. Athletic nutrition

As more people concern about fitness and health care, those who go to the gym for fitness become a trend. There is a huge market of food supplement for workout.

Ingredient reference: polysaccharides, whey protein, BCAA, etc.

Dosage option: powder, capsule, tablet, liquid, etc.


3. Think on your feet

Because of learning pressure and irregular lifestyle, it has big influence of health and growth on children of school age and teenagers. It is critical for them to keep brain bright and be energetic since they are young.

Ingredient reference: soy lecithin, DHA

Dosage option: powder, capsule, tablet, liquid, etc.


4. Growth

Teenagers grow up rapidly during adolescence, if with nutritional deficiency or with unbalanced diet, they may miss “the Golden time of Growing”. Therefore, it is important to supply nutrition appropriately for teenagers.

Ingredient reference: Calcium, Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, dietary fiber, Vitamin K2, whey protein, soy lecithin, DHA.

Dosage option: powder, capsule, tablet, aluminum bag, etc.