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Product name :

Coriolus versicolor PSP


Product :

Coriolus versicolor gets its name because of its shingled fungus cover, which looks like layers of colored clouds.

In 1984, scientists discovered that Coriolus versicolor contained a special polysaccharide protein structure; thus, and this special ingredient was officially named Coriolus versicolor Polysaccharide Peptide, which was proved to be safe and effective immunotherapy adjuvant. 


Product information :

Scientific Name: Coriolus versicolor

Appearance: Yellowish powder


1. Coriolus versicolor PSP : Polysaccharide > 26%

2. Coriolus versicolor mycelia : Polysaccharides > 6%

Storage: Keep in cool and away from light. 3 years shelf life under 25℃

Market appliances:

1. Functional foods/dietary supplements

2. Food additives

※Suitable for vegetarians


Feature :

1. Coriolus PSP: a fighter against tumor cells with unique structure
  A. Special peptide-bound polysaccharide: polysaccharopeptide structure found in Coriolus versicolor mycelia acts as a surprisingly effective immunotherapy adjuvant.
  B. Oral administration of Coriolus polysaccharopeptide has controlled various carcinomas in experimental animals and humans (Ng,1998).
  C. Used as effective counter immunosuppressive new drug in both Japan and China to supplement chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
  D. Coriolus versicolor polysaccharide has significantly greater chemopreventive effect than Ganoderma lucida (lingzhi) in a 1999 Korean research. (Lee et al., 1999)


2. Coriolus PSP may prevent immunity decline in patients

3. Coriolus PSP as a biological response modifier


*The above information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

*For more information, please contact our sales department.