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What is Enzyme?

Enzyme is the Origin of Life.   ~Enzyme exists, life exists~

Enzyme is the necessity ofmaintaining physical normal functions

nThe law of Enzyme Nutrition:

The length of life and consumption ofenzyme come in reverse proportion. Ingesting food that contains enzyme canreduce the rate of consuming enzyme in body. Above all, enzyme helps get rid oftoxins, balance pH values, recover cells, and regulate physical conditions.  (Dr. Edward Howell – The Nobel MedicinePrize winner in 2001)

nA famous doctor who specializes in naturopathy said,

“Humanbody is like a light bulb, and enzyme is an electric current. Withoutelectricity, what we have is only an original light bulb.” 

nEnzyme exists both in the body of humans and animals. Withoutenzyme, there are no vital activities.
nFrom ancient times, enzyme is regarded as“vigor” or “vitality”. Anychange of metabolism is related to enzyme, including thinking, heartbeat, nerveconduction, digestion, absorption, decomposition of food, etc. All thesefunctions need enzyme to activate. A lack of enzyme may cause illnessesand disorders.

Why do we need enzymesupplement?

nDue to bad eating habits, lifeform, stress, etc., enzyme is largely consumed in human body, which may cause disorders, illnesses, or even cancers in the end.
nConsuming natural enzyme from food willbecome more and more difficult because modern people are used to having cookedfood.

       The process of cooking food withhigh temperature will totally destroy enzyme in food.

nFor the purpose of enhancingimmunity, delaying aging and renewing the cells, it’s important to ingestenzyme from the exterior to keep enough quantity of internal enzyme.