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Product name :



Product :

This material is from the pollution-free Atlantic Ocean off the southwestern coast of Ireland. In order to maintain ecological balance, only harvest calcified red algae (Red Algae) that has grown more than 4 years. This is the only red algae that Ireland government authorized to mine. The calcium content of AQUAMINTM F is up to 32% and it contains 74 microelements.


Product information :

Product name: AQUAMINTM F

Appearance: Off-white powder

Specification: 32% Calcium

Storage: Keep in cool and away from light. 3 years shelf life under 25%C.

Market appliances: Functional foods/dietary supplements

※Suitable for vegetarians


Feature :

1. Rich in microelements that human body needs, such as calcium, magnesium, iron, copper, zinc, selenium and so on

2. Natural plant calcium with high absorption rate – Come from 100% pure natural red algae extract

3. Quality Assurance - Received European Union organic certification, US patent and European Union patents

4. NO pollution and pesticide residues