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Product name :

Peptide 200


Product :

Protein is one of the three major nutrients that our body needs; and from the currently known plant sources, soy protein is the highest quality protein. It is rich in amino acids needed by human body and is also the main source of protein for vegetarians. We use unique proteolytic enzyme and biotechnology to convert soy protein into small molecule peptides with smaller molecules and better absorption.


Product information :

English name: Peptide 200

Appearance: Yellow powder

Specification: Crude protein≥80.0%; Total nitrogen≥12.8%; Amino nitrogen≥4.0%

Storage: Keep in cool and away from light. 2 years shelf life under 25%C.

Market appliances:

1. Functional foods/dietary supplements

2. Food additives

※Suitable for vegetarians


Feature :

1. Made in Taiwan

2. First ever in industry: Use LC-MASS to verify molecular weight of Peptide 200

3. Safety assurance: Non-GMO Soy Protein

4. Ingredient assurance: BCAA content 158mg/g

5. Unique technique: Totally soluble in water

6. Improve physical strength, and regulate physical function: Dipeptides to Tripeptides, easy to be absorbed by human body