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Family Health Care

1. Strengthen the body

Due to busy lifestyle and environment pollution, modern people are easy to get cold and illness because of the low resistance to diseases. it is important to strengthen your physical strength to fight against world pollutions and environmental changes.

Ingredient reference: polysaccharides, ganoderma, etc.

Dosage option: powder, capsule, tablet, aluminum bag, etc.


2. Improve physical health

Time changes and many diseases of affluence appear. With environmental changes, some people start being allergic to certain things, such as dust, pollen, weather, seafood, etc. therefore, it is necessary to maintain good physique.

Ingredient reference: pineapple enzyme, fermented vegetable and fruit powder, green algae, Spirulina, etc.

Dosage option: powder, capsule, tablet, aluminum bag, etc.


3. Supply nutrition

Living in the age of convenience and speed, our diets are rarely quite balanced because we often eat out. By supplying basic nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals to maintain normal physical functions.

Ingredient reference: Vitamin B complex, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, etc.

Dosage option: powder, capsule, tablet, foam tablet, aluminum bag, etc.